Holding Hands

The Marriage Mastery Program

Why live another day in frustration and
anger in your marriage?

Any Marriage can improve if you know the
right techniques and beliefs that can
transform your marriage.

Gerry’s Total Transformation Marriage Mastery program is a straight and scientific approach that gets results with your problems.


This is a complete training program that restores back respect, peace, and joy into the relationship. How it works?

1. Complete Assessment is done to identify the root issues of conflict or unhappiness in the relationship.

2. Accountability is established

3. Creative problem solving is established

4. Strategic communication skills are taught with the purpose of building up the relationship and reducing negative critical thinking

5. Alternate responses are taught which build peace and joy rather than arguments and fighting.

6. Boundary setting, cueing, and disconnect skills are taught.

7. Empowerment skills are taught which Increase self-worth and confidence


This program gives you the confidence to
overcome any problem in your marriage.

Call Coach Gerry at 661-735-5433 or
mobile, 661-332-9204.

Email address:
coachgerry12@ yahoo.com.

Coach sessions are provided in the home or online.